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Events & Organization Team

You are not required to be an Animation Minor to be an Animation Society Officer. However, the club is very intertwined with the program and we suggest you get acquainted with it!



The president is the main face and representative of Animation Society. This person should have strong interpersonal skills and be able to be present at club meetings and able to delegate tasks to Officers. The president works closely with the Animation Department Professors.

- Should be able to multitask, work in a team, and help organize club activities.

- Must be available to attend ASI meetings, University meetings, meetings with other organizations, and assist with all operations within Animation Society.




Vice President

The Vice President is the second representative of Animation Society. The VP must be able to perform President duties and fill in when the president needs help. The VP is also responsible for filling in for any other officer position when officers are absent.

- Works closely with the President and Secretary to make sure meetings run smoothly.
- Must be reliable and organized.

- Must be able to attend all meetings, meetings with other organizations and assist with all operations within Animation Society.



Creative Director


Relations 2


Relations 1

- Responsible for organizing events, facilitating connections with industry professionals, Animation alumni, and other organizations on campus.

- Responsible for scheduling guest speakers.

- Scheduling events on Animation Society calendar.

- Communication, organization, and professionalism skills are essential. 

- Check Linkedin page for possible connections & inquiries.

Secretary attends all officer meetings and takes detailed notes of proceedings.

- Works closely with President to assign officer meeting agendas containing matters of discussion; keeps all officers on track with their tasks and duties.

- Maintains an online record of Club Meetings, Agendas, Excel Sheets, Rosters, etc. on Google Drive; keeps them all organized .

- Shares a written record of club activity with Ben and Martha.

The Treasurer is responsible for Maintaining a detailed record of the club finances, keeping track of the budget when planning events, tracking money during events (ticket sales, concessions sales, donations, etc).

Must be available to attend attend ASI meetings and University meetings with President/Vice President.

Should have experience with excel or google spreadsheet would be appreciated. 

(Or be willing to learn!)

Creative Director is responsible for keeping the Animation Society website updated and running while also keeping the Public Relations team organized and on track.

The Creative Director works closely with PR 1 + PR 2 to discuss drawing themes, event and fundraiser advertisement, the club's online visual and social presence.

Must be able to come up with creative ideas in a team setting and have the drive and leadership skills to make those ideas happen.

Public Relations 1 is responsible for updating the  Animation Society blog with major events and running the AS Twitter feed, replying to messages online .
PR 1 is also responsible for helping to design and create posters with the rest of the PR team.

Responsible for communicating with PR team [Creative director and PR 2] to ensure cohesiveness.

Must try to keep community engaged online.

Must be willing to assist PR 2 with duties if necessary.

Public Relations 2 is responsible for updating the  Animation Society Instagram and Facebook page to keep members updated on events.

PR 2 is also responsible for keeping online community engaged and creating art.

PR 2 is also responsible for helping to design and create posters with the rest of the PR team.

Responsible for communicating with PR team [Creative director and PR 1] to ensure cohesiveness.

Must be willing to assist PR 1 with duties if necessary.


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